Some More Things You May Or May Not Know About Me

1 – I’ve danced into a set wall during a performance
2 – I played Barney Rubble (complete 35 pound character costume) for a grand opening at our mall while I was in college
3 – I started teaching dance when I was 16
4 – My favorite color is Purple.  My second favorite color is Gray.
5 – My favorite sports teams are the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, and Iowa Hawkeyes
6 – Other than corn, I prefer eating my vegetables raw
7 – I’ve seen Barry Manilow in concert – yes, I’m a fan
8 – The best pizza is Pete’s Hawaiian Luau
9 – I can’t draw
10 – My favorite holiday is Christmas
11 – I am a night owl
12 – When I lived in Russia, a five year old told me I was as dumb as a cat
13 – My mom was pregnant with me when she married my dad (and I only know that because it’s a simple math equation)
14 – My favorite vacations were the two cruises I went on
15 – I recently locked my keys in the car – the first time I’ve ever done that
16 – My favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse
17 – I walked to and from school everyday from the time I was in first grade until I was in high school
18 – I started wearing glasses when I was ten (needed them before that, but refused to get them)
19 – Some foods that people are surprised I like – mushrooms, calamari, escargot
20 – I’ve had three jobs in my life – dance teacher, nanny, and my current job at Blue Shield
21 – I am competitive
22 – I find it highly attractive if a guy is willing to dance (regardless of his abilities)
23 – I’ve choreographed 14 musicals, performed in 2, produced 1, and was a dance captain for another
24 – I graduated high school fifth in a class of 400 with a 3.97 GPA (and that was with skipping about a quarter of my senior year)
25 – I collect playing cards from the places I visit
26 – I love board and card games
27 – I played softball from second through eighth grades
28 – Best scents – lavender; fresh chocolate chip cookies; mint; a turkey in the oven
29 – I’ve ice skated once – spent more time on my rear than on my feet
30 – I am addicted to soda (Dr. Pepper, in particular)
31 – I have never, nor do I ever wish to ski
32 – My favorite book as a child was The Secret Garden
33 – I am one of the most extreme introverts you will ever meet
34 – I am almost always cold
35 – I love socks (and they have to match what I’m wearing)
36 – I broke my right arm when I was six – the only bone I’ve broken
37 – My favorite nuts are cashews
38 – I like to paint (walls)
39 – I’ve played Duck, Duck, Goose around a table in the middle of a restaurant
40 – I can’t sing
41 – I hate to run.  I love to walk.
42 – I never had braces, but I did wear a retainer for six months.  One of my top teeth was too far back
43 – The taste of coffee is disgusting to me
44 – I love Amazon and Ebay.  I do most of my gift shopping on one of those two sites.
45 – I don’t like walking barefoot – I need to have flip flops/shoes, socks or slippers on
46 – I love to read
47 – I’ve gone out to eat with friends as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
48 – I love garage sales (mostly setting up and running them)
49 – I love Goofey
50 – Am still amazed that I voluntarily walked away from my job and was able to go back two months later


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