Swimming Lessons

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been wrestling with the idea of drowning.  I’m struggling with keeping my head above water.  Even though I’m sleeping pretty well, I still feel exhausted.  Everything in me wants to get out of the water.  I want to feel ‘safe’ again.  But I know that I need to learn to swim.  Recently, I’ve been sensing that there are things I need to do in order to learn to swim.

During my journey of leaving my job and going back, one of the most important things I learned was to focus on taking one thing at a time – to just take a step without trying to figure out what it means or how it’s going to get me to my destination.  I learned that I need to enjoy the journey.  I realize that I’ve forgotten that recently.

God is asking me to take one thing at a time – to trust Him, and see what happens.  I’ve been sensing the need to get away for a little while.  Work is crazy right now, and I’ve got a pretty tight budget, but I’m trying to work in a short getaway to spend some time  just listening and following – and getting to know His daughter.  It’s the first step in learning to swim.


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