Some Things You May Or May Not Know About Me

1 – I learned to read from baseball cards
2 – I do math/algebra problems to relax
3 – I think bald guys are sexy!
4 – My first words were ‘bowling ball’ (seriously!)
5 – I started dancing when I was 3
6 – The combination of 4 & 5 should help you figure out what my email address means, if you haven’t already
7 – I don’t like beer or wine, but I’ll drink just about anything with Midori in it
8 – I’ve never ridden a horse
9 – I have ridden a mechanical bull (one of many pieces of evidence that kids bring out a different side of me)
10 – I love to tap
11 – I lived in Russia for a year and would totally live there again
12 – I have, on several occasions, danced on a table – which is, I might add, different than ‘table dancing’
13 – Best feelings – an infant/toddler falling asleep in your arms; watching a student finally ‘get it’; laughing so hard you cry
14 – You don’t really know me until you’ve seen me dance or at least teach
15 – I played basketball from fourth through ninth grades
16 – I love wrapping presents (and shopping for them), and I am a tape-aholic
17 – I know way too many versions of solitaire
18 – Certain medications make me extremely hyper (I’m not kidding)
19 – Geri is not short for anything – it has been shortened to Ger quite often, and when I lived in Texas I was ‘G’ to most people (started by my two year old buddy!)
20 – I’ve been the same height since I was 13
21 – I am a great example of the phrase ‘still waters run deep’
22 – Between 2002 and 2005, I moved 11 times
23 – Best sounds – the crack of a bat on a solid homerun swing; a cat purring; music; a child laughing
24 – I started tutoring when I was in fourth grade
25 – I went to a Catholic school from second through tenth grades
26 – I am extremely ticklish
27 – I don’t like my foods to touch
28 – My older brother hit me in the head with a baseball bat when I was three
29 – I’ve been told I’m a closet risk taker
30 – I will write a book someday
31 – I love pizza
32 – The movies I’ve seen the most – Harry Potter, Newsies, Godspell, and Into the Woods
33 – My faith defines me more than anything else
34 – I don’t really like hot liquids
35 – I love scrapbooking
36 – I have two cats
37 – I was 26 when I rode my first roller coaster
38 – I crack my knuckles – sometimes without realizing I’m doing it
39 – I can tie my shoe with one hand
40 – I’ve owned at least one bowling ball since I was about five
41 – I have a degree in Accounting
42 – I was named after my dad’s brother who died of cancer when he was 17
43 – I was a cheerleader in junior high
44 – I have a motorcycle license
45 – I was essentially engaged for about a week when I lived in Russia
46 – My friends are more like family to me than my biological family
47 – I taught myself algebra when I was in eighth grade
48 – If you tell me I can’t do something, everything in me will want to prove you wrong
49 – I have an extreme fear of heights
50 – You will win me over if you can make me laugh, and if you know me well at all, you will know that it doesn’t take much to make me laugh.


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One response to “Some Things You May Or May Not Know About Me

  1. I did not know #15 or #39 (the latter of which I need a demonstration of before I believe it!!)…and #28 explains a LOT!! 😉

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