Will You Jump

I have major trust issues.  There are so many factors that contribute to those issues, I could probably write a book just on that subject.  I am currently in a bad place in my life, and I am starting to realize that I am not trusting anyone.  There are real struggles and pain that I am dealing with right now, but I’m starting to see my trust issues getting in the way of me moving forward.  It’s not the only thing, but definitely a contributing factor. 

The following story is one of my favorites.  It is something that I received in an email one day about five years ago.  It was a time that God was asking me to make a major change in my life, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to be.  This story is a continual reminder to me that I have to choose to trust.  There are definitely reasons to not trust someone, but it still boils down to my choice.  Right now, my choice has been not to trust – not because I truly feel that the person is not worthy of trust, but because of my fear.  This story was brought to mind yet again… 

You are trapped at the window of a building that is on fire.  You hear a man’s voice through the smoke below you shouting, “Jump!”  Will you jump?  Will you leave the known, as dangerous as it is, and plunge into the unknown?

The answer will likely depend on two factors.  The first has to do with how much you know about the person who is shouting to you.  Is he reliable?  Will he let you fall to the ground or can he be depended upon to support your weight?

So it is with all of our relationships.  What do we know about the people we would like to trust?  Are they reliable?  Will they be there tomorrow?  Will they stand by you when circumstances change?  Can you depend on them to support you?  Do you know them to be trustworthy?

It’s like a woman who once purchased two watches from a street salesman on London’s Oxford Street.  When she asked if the street vendor could furnish her guarantees, he said, “Certainly, madam.  I can give you five-year, ten-year, or even lifetime guarantess.”  Then he added, “The only thing I can’t guarantee is that I will be here this time next Monday morning.”

So the first part of trust is BELIEF.  Do you believe the other person to be worthy of your trust?

Then there is a second factor that is equally important, and that is ACTION.  Will you jump?  It matters little how much you believe you trust someone if you are unwilling finally to jump.  Will you take the leap into the relationship, business venture or unknown future?  Will you allow others to hold you up?  Will you demonstrate your trust for them by jumping?

“If my people understand me,” said Cavett Robert, “I’ll get their attention.  But if my people trust me, I’ll get their action.”  People will respond by jumping if they believe you to be reliable.  Will you risk the fall by trusting others?

You may be deciding to make a jump.  Staying in the burning building is always an option…but not one you’ll want to make for long.  And though it feels risky to leap into the smoke, you may discover there a safe and secure landing.  You may also discover that there are those who can be trusted – those who can be relied upon to stand by, to keep an eye out for you or to cushion your fall.  You may discover how to trust.

And you may discover that it was worth the jump.

Are you wondering if it is worth the jump?  Trust with me today.

“When you come to the edge of all the light you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly.”


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